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9yrs Old Boy Narrates How His Aunt Allegedly Locks Him Up All Day Without Food Or Water



A woman has been accused of maltreating her 9-year-old ward. The woman is said to routinely lock up her ward, identified as Chima, outside her home for hours without food.

A video posted online by human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, showed the boy sitting outside a gated compound at night, waiting for his aunt to return from work.

When Gwamnishu approached him, Chima revealed that he was usually left there regularly while his aunt went to work. He added that he often goes all day without food or water until she returns.

He, however, seemed afraid and reluctant to say anything that would implicate his aunt, so he kept saying, “She will still come back,” when asked questions about his aunt’s actions towards him.

Harrison alleged that the woman takes her own children with her and feeds them but leaves 9-year-old Chima, whom she brought from the village, outside without food and water.


A woman has been locking 9-year-old Chima without food and water from morning till night. Tonight I visited Chima to see for myself and it’s shocking to see that a woman who has her children can maltreat another woman’s child. She will carry her children, give them food but lock and leave behind the child she took from the village. Tomorrow, we will see to the end of this child abuse. Good night 😔”, He captioned the video.

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