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“You Told Pastor You Wanted To Wee-Wee” – Lady In Wedding Gown Tackles Mechanic



A mechanic was shocked to the bones when a prankster in a wedding gown approached him at his shop. The lady claimed that they were to get married that day and the mechanic left the church to fix a car.

“Emmanuel what are you doing? Jesus Christ. What are you wearing? Whose car is this? We’re meant to be getting married. Everybody is at the reception”, she screamed. “Emmanuel Amadi my husband. You told pastor you want to wee wee and you’re here. You’re repairing somebody’s car. Did you drink? What is this? Why are you denying me? Do you know since when I’ve been looking for you so that we can finish our wedding?”, she added.

Mechanic denies lady in wedding gown. The mechanic looked so confused as he denied getting hooked up with any lady or even intending to get married

“I don’t know you that the truth. I can’t leave my job and do wedding”, he insisted.

Social media reactions

@zikorah_grams said: “Please u should keep on bringing girls like this to make it more interesting.”

@izzytheicon said: “Emmanuel amadi, uncle Lekan, mr Solomon; na one person get all this name.”

@tav_tv wrote: “The day thus kind prank go reach my, i won’t bother arguing, we’ll just go straight to “you may kiss your bride” part.”

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@jennynazzy00 said: “Even if am Anadi Emmanuel, l will not get married to u. Let me save this hear Incase anyone likes it,l will come back and watch it.”

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