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“Tinubu And Atiku Are Corrupt, But Peter Obi Is Reasonably Incorrupt” – Cleric Reveals



A cleric of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Oluwole Sola on Sunday, November 20, revealed Peter Obi has proven to be reasonably incorrupt.

In a chat with, Pastor Sola speaks on the kind of leader Nigerians desire and noted the Labour Party flagbearer, has all it takes to take Nigeria to the promised land.

The choice of my Nigerian candidate and reason, the cleric speaks The cleric disclosed his choice of presidential candidate and backed his reason with strong words.

Pastor Sola noted that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar and the Presidential candidate of teh ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu are both corrupt and not fit for the nation’s most exalted seat of power in 2023.

He said,

“Nigeria is in dire need of a leader who has the will-power to salvage her from the very state of comatose we have found our country. It is my strong belief that primordial needs of the masses are now largely seen as luxury and only available for the few rich folks to access.

“From the security, the economy, to basic amenities like power, energy, water, good roads, housing etc are not easily accessible and affordable to the common man in Nigeria. With the plenty lists of Nigeria needs, I asked myself some basic questions;

1. Who is that person that can muster the courage to tackle all these problems?

2. Who is that person that can be sincere with us to address the citizens on the issues at hand?

3. Who is that person that has understanding of the problem and has the best answer to all the issues at hand?

“So for me, whereas I have observed that all the presidential front runners may not fit in perfectly into the image figure of the messiah we desire, I will rather go for the person that is most qualified in this case.”

My analysis of a few of the presidential fore runner;

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (APC): This candidate though used to be known for his ability to assemble great team but has a large character deficiency. He is said to be corrupt and contributed to the looting and insecurity in Lagos by empowering and encouraging area boys.

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“He is seriously enmeshed in drug related scandal, has issues with accountability (towards the electorate) and a lot of other issues hanging over his candidature. His personality doesn’t represent who I would want to represent me and my interest at a larger office like that of the presidency.”

Peter Gregory Obi (LP): This candidate appears to me not to be as sound as the other two other candidates of the PDP and APC. “He has on a few occasions reeled out some wrong statistics and information here and there. However , he has proven to be one who is connected to the masses, he is known to be frugal, not known to be corrupt and command organic followership.”

Atiku Abubakar (PDP): Atiku Abubakar prides himself as a unifier and one with a large knowledge base of economic and governance skills. Going against him is the mistrust between the dominant north and the governed south who are seen as a minority by the northern folks.

“It is believed that the North intends to perpetually govern the country without any recourse to the Southern folks who are a big stakeholder in the country’s governance. ‘AA’ as he is fondly called also has issues with corruption, a stain he has not been able to wipe off his garment.

“His erstwhile principal wrote a book and devoted a large chunk of the book talking about how AA is a corrupt minded individual one that cannot be trusted with finance. Also, fresh in my mind is the issue of Deborah’s killing (a young female Christian student) by some Islamic fanatics where Atiku could not defend the poor girl even in her death.

Atiku Abubakar for that singular action will not have my vote.” Why I will give Peter Obi my vote in 2023, the pastor gives his reason Speaking further, Pastor Sola maintained Peter Obi deserved his vote in 2023 because he has proven to be incorrupt, accountable and objective.

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The cleric affirmed thus: “My vote is going for Peter Obi who has shown that he will be accountable to us the electorate, who has shown himself to be reasonably incorrupt. Peter Obi, who also has shown to be frugal in his spending, will not waste our limited resources.

“He is also from a region different from mine which speak to the fact that I am not being tribalistic but objective. “Conclusively, not minding the outcome of the elections may the best candidate and one whom God had ordained win this election. God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The RCCG pastor noted that the 2023 election is not game as usual and it might be tough for the three main contenders but a winner would surely emerge. He, however, maintained that he is not confident of Obi’s winning but he understands he has a huge followership in the polity one that is not influenced by money which might guarantee is winning in 2023.

Pastor Sola added:

“I may not be confident of his winning, but I do know that he commands an organic followership all over the country; these not influenced by money or what they intend to get from the process.

“Political pundits are giving contradictory opinions on who may likely win the election, while organised survey largely indicates that Peter Obi is winning (this may not be the true representation of what may happen as survey is just a representation of a lot).

“Due to power of incumbency and political thuggery plus the political influence of Tinubu and his party some pundits tip him for victory. “A few other pundits believe that due to the numerical strength of Atiku’s northern origin, his people are likely to rally round him and vote him. So, conclusively it may be a difficult prediction of victory for any of the leading presidential candidate.”

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