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Thieves Apprehended With Stolen Sheep Dressed In Clothe To Look Like Baby



Two thieves have been arrested with a sheep they stole and disguised as a baby while trying to escape from a community in Kenya.

They were apprehended by local vigilantes while on a motorbike with the animal which they dressed up to like like it was a child.

Local media reports that the suspects were stopped and questioned about what they were carrying and they claimed that it was a sick baby they were carrying to a nearby hospital.

When the two men were asked to show the baby’s face, they seemed hestitant and jittery and their behaviour made the vigilantes to suspect them.

The suspicion was confirmed when the clothes was eventually removed and it was a sheep they saw not a child.

A member of the community had reported that his sheep was being stolen, and being that the two men were strangers in the community, it made them key suspects

Police was called and the thieves were handed over to the officers who arrived.

Meanwhile, weeks ago, bandits operating in Katsina State ‘arrested’ a suspected thief found with stolen materials in a community.

According to reports, the middle-aged man specializes in pulling out metal rods and removing iron bars from uncompleted and abandoned buildings in the state.

The bandits narrated how they caught the vandal while they were patroling the area on their motorcycles.

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A video obtained by the publication, captured the armed men parading the scavenger and the looted items which were packed inside a cart.

It also showed a community leader who was invited to ensure that the suspect was handed over to the authorities.

However, the date of the incident could not be immediately confirmed from the video.

The group, armed with different sophisticated firearms, further lectured the apprehended thief about the ills of stealing.

They expressed dissatisfaction over the way the thieves are destroying government properties in the state.

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