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“It was a trap, they gave me a beating” – Man who received email from thief who stole his laptop gives update after he met up with him to buy it back



A South African man has narrated how he was set up by a thief who stole his laptop after meeting up with him to buy it back.

The man had earlier taken to Twitter to reveal that he received an email from the thief, who was ‘kind enough’ to attach a copy of the project he was working on. He also told him to reach out if he needs any other documents from the laptop before he sells it to an available buyer.

He wrote, “They stole my laptop last night and they sent me an email using my email, I have mixed emotions now.😩”

See the email below,

After sharing the email online, it quickly went viral and netizens advised him to contact the thief and offer to buy the laptop back, instead of selling it off to another buyer.

He took the advise and sent an email to the robber, offering to purchase the laptop from him. They then agreed on a price, and a date and time was set for the exchange.

The man however received a rude shock when he was jumped by the thief at their meetup point and was robbed again. He said his phone and money was taken from him.

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According to him, he will never take advice from strangers on the internet again.

“Back and safe but not okay. It was a trap they gave me a beating and took the R5k and my phone. If it wasn’t the taxi driver that decided to stop when he saw the situation it would have been worse than this. NEVER take advice on the internet. ✌💔”

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