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“Back To Square 1” – Millionaire Loses Everything After Holding Lavish Wedding



A Nigerian man has opened up about the greatest mistake he made in his life. The married man who used to earn millions monthly said he took a bad decision to use huge money from his business to fund his wedding.

According to him, his business was booming to the point that friends decided to invest their money in it. Sadly, after they invested, the business began to crash and he had already set a date for his wedding.

Instead of paying off the people he owed, he was hell-bent on holding a lavish wedding, thinking that all losses would be recovered after the wedding. Sadly, this was not the case as he wasn’t able to get back on his feet, and this made him go broke and into severe debt.

Social media reactions

Enabelokoye said: “I’m looking at the comments and seeing a lot of people saying it’s not true. Don’t expect people to dress to kill before you believe they have made it. I’ve never seen Elon musk wear anything more than a t-shirt or suit. No bling bling. Our people should stop sizing people’s wealth by what they wear please.”

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