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“What Challenge Is This?” – Photos of Grown Men Who Dressed Like Women Spark Reactions



Social media challenges have people doing crazy stuff. There were men all over the groove dressed in women’s clothing, and the only logical explanation people had was that it is another cray challenge.

From pouring buckets of ice over your head to dancing with actual buckets, social media crazes will have you doing the strangest things. Twitter user @YvetteSibambo_ shared a few spicy snaps of men at the groove looking like babes. Our guys had it down from the floral dresses to the banging wigs.

The good sis was sure it had to be some sort of challenge, lol, because men don’t just do this… do they? “Which challenge is this one?

Netizens try to make sense of what is going on Lol, some people were shocked and rigid by the pictures. A few thought maybe it was just a bunch of funny guys living their best lives, while others claim that it takes guts if it is a challenge.

Take a look at some of the thoughts:

@lekoloanemanam2 come this side and see. Don’t you want join the challenge ”

@WindyShongwe said: “This is not a challenge I’m sure people were just coming out.”

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@KayMahlatsi said: “Gender switch theme… they got some balls I have to say.”

@KamanaYonga said: “Honestly, I would do this, as long as I aint the only 1 lol If it’s a work event or something of ‘Men, wear your women’s dress for 1 day.’”

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