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Video Shows Russian Troop Surrendering To Ukrainian Soldiers Near Kherson (Video below)



The “mighty” Russian soldiers are losing the drive to fight for President Vladimir Putin , as a new video showed three Russian soldiers captured.

In the video, the Russian troops are seen with a white flag attached to their tank as they drive Russian BMP-2 toward the Ukrainian troops before coming out with their hands up.

The incident is somewhere near the city of Kherson. The Ukrainian troops are seen disarming the surrendered soldiers.

A Twitter user, whose account indicated to be a recently retired NSA officer, said that Ukrainian might struggle with accommodating Russian surrender with the rate Russian troops are demotivated.

The Ukrainian military had earlier said it had received thousands of calls from Russian soldiers asking how they could surrender to avoid being killed.

So far, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is gaining momentum, with the recent capturing of the key city Lyman from invading Russians.

With recent progress, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday that Russia had “already lost.”
“Ukrainians know what they are fighting for. And more and more citizens of Russia are realizing that they must die simply because one person does not want to end the war.

“It’s obvious who will win,” he added.

Crimea Bridge is down, An explosion rocks the heavily guarded bridge connecting the Russian mainland to Crimea in a separate loss, barely a day after Putin celebrated his 70th birthday.

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The bridge is a logistic link that connects Russian troops in Southern Ukraine. Russia said the attack was carried out by a truck bomb. This is a devasting blow to Putin, following weeks of humiliation despite quickly annexing some conquered cities.

The Kerch bridge was a personal project of Putin, and the hit means the Ukrainian government is fearless and poking the dictator.

The Ukrainians did not take responsibility for the attack. However, a senior Ukrainian official called it a “happy birthday” message.

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