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“Trust me, No African Man Can Handle my S3xtual urge, Even a White Man Ran Away” – Dancer Korra Obidi



Instagram pro-dancer and emerging artist, Korra Obidi recently brag on her Instagram stories that she would never date a Nigerian man living in the United States because she believes that none of them can handle her attitude after even her ex-husband, a white man, had to flee from her.

Given her recent level of success as a musician and the fact that she recently went through a contentious divorce, it would be difficult for any Nigerian man to subdue her.

However, some of her fans believe that there may be someone out there who would be willing to take on her challenge.

Additionally, she allegedly told a fan that her divorce proceedings are almost finished, giving her more time to consider her future course of action.

And when questioned about it, Korra Obidi allegedly replied that it was to perform on a global scale in order to advance her career.

See the Screenshot Of Korra Obidi’s Reply Below

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