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“There’ll be war” – Girl Storms Ex-Boyfriend’s House With Her Sister To Collect Boxers She Bought For Him (Video below)



A young Nigerian girl has marched to her boyfriend’s house to collect the underwear she bought for him because he broke up with her.

She stormed his place with her sister and friend in the morning, to take back the boxers she gifted him since he was no longer interested in dating her.

In a video they recorded while on their way, the sister vowed to do something unthinkable to him when they see him.

Also, the jilted ex-girlfriend’s friend hinted that they intend to seize his phone, though they did not claim to have bought it for him.

She said that they are not going there to demand the item peacefully, rather ‘there will be war’.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, IG user prettysinnerr wrote; Abeg go collect ur boxers back

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