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So PAINFUL: What This Guy Said To His Girlfriend Before He Died Left Many People Heartbroken



The Bible says one day death shall be no more and all those who died will rise and love again. That’s the only verse that revives people’s hope after losing their loved ones to death. Death is cruel; it takes away the ones you love, leaving you with an unforgettable pain.

One thing about death is that although it comes unexpectedly, there are signs we just don’t pay attention to. Many people can feel that their time has come. That is why you will often find a person doing some weird things before they pass away. Some people simply confess everything they did right before they die.

With all that, there is a lady who left so many hearts broken after she posted what her boyfriend said to her before he died. Her boyfriend had been in the hospital for several days because he wasn’t feeling well.

On his last day on earth, they had a video call. She even posted the screenshots of their video call and you can tell that the dude was very sick. On the video call, he was breathing using a drip and looking very sick.

After their video call, she texted him and asked if he was okay. He replied that no, he’s not okay and he’s dying. He went on to tell her that she must expect a call from the hospital letting her know that he’s dead at any minute because he’s failing to keep it up.

In his last message, he told her that he loved her and that when he got to heaven, he would make sure that all her wishes came true. Just like that, the lady received a call from the hospital a few minutes later, letting her know that her boyfriend had passed away.

His death left this lady in so much pain. She has been posting their photos and videos all over social media. To her, it still feels like a dream. She even said she had been calling him hoping that maybe he would pick up and say it was a prank.

After seeing this, many people were left heartbroken. Although you might not know the girl personally, her story is very touching. People have been sending her messages consoling her to feel better.

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