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“No Serious Man Will Marry A Woman That Twerks On Social Media” – Media Personality, Solomon Buchi Lament



Nigerian life coach, Solomon Buchi has averred that no serious-minded man will marry a woman who twerks and posts sensual contents on social media.

Taking to Twitter to address women who expose their bodies online, the controversial media personality said men would gladly drool over their photos and even ‘patronize’ them, but no serious man will seek their hand in marriage.

According to Solomon, men avoid getting married to such ladies because majority of them are runs girls and have a high chance of being unfaithful.

He tweeted,

“No serious man who wants to raise a sound family marries a woman who twerks on social media, shares extremely sensual photos, talks about sex loosely. They’ll clap for you, they’ll drop fire 🔥 emoji, they’ll patronize you, not they’ll not marry you.

Before you fume because of this post. Do you as the devil has convinced y’all. Do you, but remember that after doing you, people can decide what to do with you. Doing you has its consequences.

There’s nothing empowering and fancy about making your body a public affair. Most women who do these things are prostitutes, and will most likely cheat in marriage. Even unserious men avoid such women. Men think about consequences more than many women do.”

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