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“My Wife Diapers Me Every Night” — Kenyan Gospel Singer Confesses To Bedwetting



Wiliam Getumbe, a popular gospel singer and music producer, has opened up about being a bedwetter and how he lives with the condition.

Getumbe, who made this revelation in an exclusive chat with’s Brian Ajon, said his wife, Virginia Masitha, is aware of his condition and she is the one who helps him put on diapers every night before they go to bed, to avoid wetting the mattress.

He asserted that many adults wet their beds at night, but are too embarrassed to tell their partners, which he claims has broken many homes.

He lavished compliments on his wife for putting up with him and even changing him into diapers every night.

“Many families have been broken because of bedwetting. However, my wife understands me so well, she diapers me every night without looking down on me. Many men are using pampers, in particular high schoolers, drunkards, and those who are terminally ill. I advise men not to fear using diapers; it is the only way to keep the bedroom clean,” he said.

Adult bedwetting can be brought on by a number of conditions, including small bladder size, urinary tract infection (UTI), stress, anxiety, and insecurity, neurological abnormalities, or unusual breathing pauses during sleeping, as well as constipation, according to

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