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Man Drags Ex-fiancée To Court Over Refusal To Pay Rent After Living In His House For Years (Videos below)



Nigerian man has taken his former fiancée to court to prevail upon her to honour an agreement to share payment of the rent for his house which she lived in for years.

According to him, the rent is N300,000 per annum and they agreed that he will pay N200k while she pays N100k, however, she stopped doing so, because she had secretly secured her own place.

In a civil suit filed before Justice Olusola Williams of Judging Matters, the disgruntled man’s case was heard with the help of anchor and lawyer, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

The complainant said that his woman paid her part in 2019/2020 but for the 2020/2021 rent, she did not pay, and she claimed that she lost her job.

He noted that he carried out an investigation and discovered that she was still working and had gotten her own apartment.

She broke up with him and said she wanted to park out, but he insisted that she must first pay the N100k outstanding for the 2020/2021.

However, in her defence, the lady said that they never had an agreement and she was only assisting him with rent payment.

According to her, the reason she decided to stop paying rent and end their relationship was because he stopped the things he used to do to motivate her.

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The man argued that they had a verbal agreement, but she said that no such deal was made, noting that he asked her to live in his house for free.

In response, he said that he never expressly told her to live rent free, but she questioned him for choosing to demand rent from her considering that she was his fiancee.

However, in her judgement, Williams ordered the defendant to pay the N100k because whatever benefit that she felt entitled to as his fiancee was annuled when she chose to jilt him and still live in his house.

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