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Man Celebrates As Wife Gives Birth Two Years After Taking-in



Two years after becoming pregnant, the young man’s wife gives birth, and the entire family is in a joyful mood..

On Twitter, a person going by the handle @Jydeskillz posted testimonies about the difficulties his wife faced while carrying their child.

The user claims that at some point the baby stopped growing, and they were told to end the pregnancy to prevent complications.

The proud dad referred to the child as a miraculous child after the birth of the child two years later.

“Let me tell you why I call this cutie a miracle baby
Mother took in 2020
Baby stopped growing in the womb
Doctors adviced aborting,mother said God forbid
2022,2years after taking in baby came out alive and bouncing
What God can’t do doesn’t exist
God Did
Always believe 🙏,” he wrote.

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