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I will drive to her house and beat her if she doesn’t call her fans to order – BBNaija’s Phyna threatens Beauty



Phyna advises Beauty to call her fans to order, following some conception about them thinking Phyna snatched Beauty’s first love in the House, Groovy from her.

Former Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star, Phyna has reacted to the death threats being sent to her by the supporters of her colleague Beauty.

Phyna, during an interview with Net NG, stated that fans of a certain Housemate, which is probably Beauty, have been coming to her DMs, and that of her manager, PA to curse them, sending death threats.

The Big Brother Naija Level Up show winner stressed that it really got her angry when these rival supporters started involving her family in the matter.

She however beckons that they can insult her, but shouldn’t involve her family, her mom or dad, adding that people should stop threatening her with death.

Phyna’s statement reads below.

“Fan of a particular ex-Housemate (Beauty) have been on my neck. Different DMs to me, to my handler, to my PA, to my manager. I will see them I’ll just laugh. I pleaded and my handler deleted it.

“But why I deleted it…, though the name of the fan is there. It says, ‘Now you have a car, you’ll have accident and die with your car. If you don’t leave Groovy, you and your poor parents that can’t afford medical bills…’ What the F.

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“If we’re cursing each other let’s be doing it in a better way. It’s just as if we’re fighting and you’re pressing my neck. Do you want to kill me?

“So, that really got me angry and what I did that day was out of annoyance and I regretted it because I later found out that a certain Housemate has not been trending until Phyna came out. And it now looks like she wants to use me to trend.

“So, I just want to let them eat their cake and have it. I won’t say anything to them anymore. But nobody, I mean nobody should try coming to insult me or my parents, I’ll find their fave, go to her house and beat her. I don’t have time.

“So, you can insult, you can throw shades, but don’t threaten with death and don’t involve my family.

“The Housemate should calm their fans, because like it happened the other day, I told my supporters, Phynation to calm down and they calmed down.

“So, if you’re clapping for your fans to be holding Twitter Space to drag another person, to be … see I don’t have time, I’ll find your location, I’ll drive to your house and beat you. It’s not issue of celebrity, I’m not nice when it comes to that.”

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