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Woman discloses she’s living in the same house with husband and boyfriend



Tamica Wilder is a lady who brought her boyfriend to live in the same house she was living in with her husband and kids.

Relationship became stronger In a podcast, Tamica shared that when she met her hubby 11 years back, she told him she intended to be with him, not only him.

According to the New York Post, she wanted a polyamorous relationship, which was a non-negotiable, something she says he did not understand at the time, but he now did. Tamica described how their relationship’s events made them stronger as they allowed themselves to explore.

After the birth of their two sons and 11 years after she and her hubby met, she found her lover at a festival. The more the merrier When she went home, she told hubby all about the new guy and that she wasn’t willing to let go of her newfound love. ‘I’m not willing to not see this person again. There’s something there with us, and it’s a thread that I want to follow,.”

She kept meeting the boyfriend until he moved into their family home, noting it wasn’t a smooth transition, and she would often take her kids to meet him.

Eventually, the new guy got to chill with her hubby and voila, they were one big happy family when they hunged out the five of them. The kids loved having two father figures, actually. It was like three parents to two kids, which is amazing, like you can imagine having an extra – someone’s playing with them, someone’s finishing up their work, and someone’s cooking dinner.”

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Going further, she added:

“It’s just the same as a regular relationship, but with extra people. There were some days we’d look at each other like, ‘Oh my God, this is awesome.” N2.7m house rent Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, Anagu Nkemjika, who was looking for a house in Lagos state shared a video of her house hunting. Nkemjika said that she finally saw a house that suits her and the yearly rent is N2.7 million and it is a three-bedroom flat. That was not all, that basic rent is minus the service charge of N600,000 and the monthly diesel fee of N80,000.

Woman lives with boyfriend and husband under

same roof, says she is happy

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