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Groom Shot Dead At His Wedding As He Walked Out Of Church With Bride



A groom has died after he was hit by a stray bullet on his wedding day.

The deceased, 32-year-old Marco Antonio, was holding his bride’s hand while walking to the wedding car after the church ceremony when he was gunned down in Caborca, Mexico.

It’s believed that Antonio was not the target of the attack and was wrongly targeted by warring cartel gangs in the city.

A sad photo of Antonio’s bride in her wedding dress splattered with his blood while being comforted by a loved one has been shared online.

The groom’s sister was also shot in the back, according to local media.

Officials confirmed Antonio died from a “direct attack” with a firearm and that his death could have been “a mistake”.

Carboca is home to the infamous Caborca Cartel, which is run by drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero. The gang are currently warring with the Los Salazar network over drug trafficking operations.

Speaking on the tragic incident, the prosecutor’s office said, “investigations indicate that the attack against Marco Antonio was directed towards another individual who was also getting married at the same time in a different nearby city.”

“No line of investigation is ruled out and all the necessary Criminal and Field Ballistics expert reports are carried out, in order to fully clarify the facts and find those responsible to do justice.” He added.

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Meanwhile, another groom was also shot at his wedding in a nearby city on the same night.

State governor Alfonso Durazo, said, “This was an attack intended for a single individual and this means that this will not happen just to anyone.”

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