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Gravedigger Jumps Into Grave, Stops Burial Ceremony Because He Wasn’t Paid



There was drama at a burial ceremony as a gravedigger halted proceedings to press home his demands for payment. The man laid in the grave he dug and pressed his phone, preventing the deceased from being buried.

A TikToker @jaki_ontop who posted a snap from the incident made netizens understand that the person lying in the grave is not the deceased but a gravedigger.

The netizen said the man insisted that there will be no burial until he is paid in full with interest. The snap showed well-wishers and mourners looking at the gravedigger in the grave.

It is not clear where and when the incident happened.

See the post below:

Social media reactions:

lovey_maya1 said: “That’s so wrong all he had to do is carry them court. People don’t plan for death And we have it hard.”

giftngosakaseba said: “Do they pay money if you dig the grave in which country in Zambia we don’t do that you just have to cook nshima for the ones who dig the grave.”

makalo57 said: “Oh my goodness honestly speaking what they did to him was not done but he should at least let them to buried after they can paid him.”

God’s last born said: “He deserves to be paid. its not an easy job.”

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Jenny said: “But u people never support such heartless things. maybe the family had no enough money.”

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