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“God Bless Mothers” – Twins Pull Down Their Mum’s Dress, embarrass her (Video below)



Social media users on TikTok are reacting to a video showing when twin babies almost undressed their mum.

In the short clip shared by @bae_favvy1, the babies grabbed their mum and dragged down her trouser.

The twins caught her unawares She did not expect it because she was holding a plate and stirring liquid with a spoon.

Her both hands were therefore in use when the babies stormed the kitchen to meet her. Before she knew what was going on, her trousers were already on the ground.

She was wearing a long gown She was lucky she had a gown on and it properly cover her nakedness and saved her from a bigger embarrassment.

The funny video has stirred reactions from users on the platform. Some people reacted by saying their kids do the same to them.

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