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Four Family Members Found Died After Eating Amala In Kogi (Details below)



In what can be described as another tragedy in Nigeria, four persons have lost their lives while one is hospitalised in Mopa, the headquarters of Mopamuro local government area of Kogi state.

According to Punch Newspaper, the family of five was said to have eaten yam flour meal (popularly known as amala) and Okra soup which led to the death of the father and three children, while the mother is in a critical condition in an undisclosed medical facility.

The victims reportedly died in quick succession between Friday, September 30, and Sunday, October 2. Those who died included the family head, Pa Motilewa, his two daughters, and a girl said to be their relation.

The family was said to have prepared the amala from the leftover cassava from which they previously made and ate fufu. They were said to have spread the processed chaff in the sun to dry for some days.

The dried flakes were subsequently ground into soft powder which was used for Amala which they ate before retiring to bed. Meanwhile, members of the community were said to be suspecting foul play in the death and suspended the burial for proper investigations to unravel the cause of their deaths.

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