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Company Offers People Chance To Participate In Their Own Funeral For N25.3m (Details below)



A company has offered its customers a deal to die for Participate in own funeral. The company is giving its customers an opportunity to participate in their funeral actively, and the charges cost an arm and a leg.

It will cost a willing client KSh 7 million (N25.3 million) to experience being buried alive in a venture the company says helps people deal with their fears.

According to New York Post, Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya, the company’s founder said the new market promises to aid customers in discovering psychic capabilities. Preobrazhenskaya added that participating in your own funeral assists in dealing with anxieties after the ceremony.

The company founder described the offer as a symbol of oneself fighting for themselves and owning a happy future. Preobrazhenskaya noted that there are two different packages, the online funeral costs KSh 1.8 million (N6.5 million). The other offer is the full immersion where a client is buried underground for up to an hour. Both packages are claimed to be a perfect remedy and act as therapy for stress, anxieties and fears.

Company to pay over N534k to anyone willing to watch 13 scariest movies Meanwhile, previously reported that a company was willing to pay N534k to anyone willing to watch 13 scariest horror movies. According to CNN, FinanceBuzz is researching to determine whether the size of a movie’s budget impacts how effective it is to the audience.

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The company is hiring someone to be a horror movie heart rate analyst, and as the person watches the movies, his heart rate will be monitored using Fitbit. FinanceBuzz wants to know if high budget movies scare people more than lower budget ones or it is a matter of good writing. The company will provide the analyst with a Fitbit tracker, the reward money and another $50 (N20,575).

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