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28yrs Old Nigerian Man Commits Suicide To Spite His Parents For “Loving His Siblings More Than Him”



A 28-year-old Nigerian man has reportedly committed suicide because he believed his parents loved his siblings more than him.

The young man, who’s the second child of five children, is said to have taken the drastic decision to end his own life to spite his parents.

A Twitter user who claimed to be familiar with the family of the deceased and attended the funeral said the deceased always felt his parents treated his siblings better than him, despite all their efforts to make him feel loved.

He’s said to have attended one of the best schools in Nigeria and abroad. His father sent him abroad when he almost got expelled for an offense at a private university in Nigeria, but he loathed his parents for it and saw the gesture as his father sending him away from home to save face.

The Twitter user further revealed that upon graduation, the young man came back to Nigeria to manage his father’s company. He owns his own car, a house, and a beautiful fiancée, but even with all these accomplishments, he ultimately committed suicide last Friday and was buried yesterday, October 17.

It was gathered that his parents were not at the funeral for cultural reasons, and his siblings, who are all abroad, couldn’t attend.

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“I was at the burial of a 28 year old man today. He was the second child of 5 children. Went to all the best schools both in Nigeria and abroad, At 28 he was the manager of his father’s business. He owned his own house and cars He was engaged to a beautiful lady but he was always complaining that his parents didn’t love him as much as they love the other children.

“Nothing anybody told him changed that conviction. He loathed his mother and disliked his father He said the other children were better loved and he would hold on to any excuse to prove his point”, the tweet read in part.

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