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Writer Reveals The Right Time For Men To Move Out Of Their Parents’ House



The conversation as to when men must move out of their parents house does not end as the matter of dependency is still a key factor..

A Twitter user has revealed the right time for men to leave their father or parent’s house to live on their own and start their own life.

A man who identifies as Buddol on Twitter took to the microblogging platform to ask the public about what age is right to move out from your parent’s house as a man and in reaction to his question, one Demiket Ejika responded that one can move out of his parent’s house at any age once you feel you are mentally and financially ready to live on your own.

However, Demiket Ejika, emphasized that it shouldn’t exceed 50 years, thus one can stay in his father’s house for a very long time before deciding to move out.

This revelation by Demiket has stirred mixed reactions from social media users. See some comments we gathered below;

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