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“Who Will Take Care Of Our Three Boys Now” – Husband Of Lady Who Allegedly Died While Chasing His Girlfriend, Cries Out



It is a pathetic story as husband of the lady who allegedly died chasing his girlfriend cries out saying who will take care of their three boys.

In the stories trending online it was confirmed that the name of the lady Sonnie Bassey, a lawyer.

Between them, they had three boys. on Sunday, Mrs Bassey saw her husband Mr Sonnie Bassey leaving the Spar shopping mall in Calabar with a female companion.

She suddenly reversed and tried to block the husband’s car from leaving the mall, the man manoeuvered out of her path and hit the Murtala Mohammed highway.

She gave them a hot chase and tried to double-cross her husband’s car, she lost control and had a crash. Her husband took her to the hospital but alas she was already dead.

Overcome with grief and regret the husband crying profusely begged her dead body for forgiveness. Asking her to come back to life and take care of their three boys.

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