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“We Make It Or We Die” – Hardworking Dad Who Struggles To Feed 6 Kids Goes Viral (Video below)



A man named Pascal Rwamagira has melted the hearts of social media users because of his determination.

Pascal who is a fisherman at Lake Kivu said he went into the trade to be able to feed his 6 children and wife.

Yet, he is not able to make enough because he catches little fish due to his obsolete fishing gear.

Pascal can only afford a small boat which he fabricated by himself as a result of which his catch is limited.

In a very touching video shared on YouTube by Afrimax English, the man was seen lamenting his fate. His family depends on him and it is either he makes or they may starve to death.

The video shows a small amount of fish he was able to catch on a good day.

Watch the video below:

Nisha millicent said: “He is such a hardworking man, may the Lord see him through.” Clarence

Dunn commented: “This is a very moving story. God bless Pascal and his wife and children.”

Familien Clausen said: “Almighty God protect our brother. Whenever he goes out fishing, as you helped Peter, help him too Lord in Jesus mighty name amen.”

Faith Kellen commented: “Never compare yourself or blame God because you lack some needs but appreciate everything you have.”

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