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Reason Why Some Ladies Are Not Married Yet – Popular Pastor Reveals



A Nigerian cleric, Apostle Tony Akor, has stated that the reason some women are still unmarried is that men who come their way are very poor.

He said this while preaching to his congregation.

According to Apostle Tony, when the ladies get proposals from the poor men, they do not tell them directly that they do not want them because they are poor. They rather deceive them by saying that they will pray about it.

“Why is it that some sisters are not yet married? Is it not because they are afraid of suffering? Is that not why? That’s just the truth. They are praying and claiming that they want to hear God.

“If the boy was richer, they would have heard God before he came. The day he came, they would have said that “we have seen you long ago before you came. We have seen you in our vision while we were in primary school”.

“But now because he is poor, everybody is praying. Everybody is saying, ‘Give me time, give me time,” he said.

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