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Reason Why Abia Women Lay Down On The Street Crying Is Unbelievable (Video below)



On Tuesday, September 6, women of the Methodist Church of Nigeria in Umuahia, Abia state capital city did the unbelievable.

Dressed in the Methodist Women’s Fellowship uniforms – plain white cotton blouses and blue wrapper with the church’s ‘Worthy is the Lamb’ emblem – took to the street of Umuahia in protest of the incessant insecurity and challenges bedevilling Nigeria. L

The women, 40 of them in number, marched to the popular O-Pet Junction along Umudike Road in Umuahia where they laid down on the bare ground attracting attention from passers-by.

A video showed the women laying on the ground, while they cried to heaven, pleading with God to intervene in the affairs of the state.

Watch Video Below:

Speaking to, one of the women, Madam Grace Egbu said the challenges faced by the residents of the state and Nigerian as a whole are enormous. Egbu added:

Some of us, 40 women were selected and deployed to the square while others members of the Women’s Fellowship stayed back in the cathedral.

Those in the cathedral were also praying interceeding on behalf of Abia and umu Abia state.”

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