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My Mother Warn Me Not To Marry Him, He Is A Monster Without Human Feeling But Love For Money Finished Me



A beautiful woman from cross Rivers State who is about 25 years old was entrapped in marriage of two strange bed fellow.

Mrs Rose was warned by people who know the character of the monster not to marry him, but because of the love for money she rushed into marriage with him.

Surprisingly, after their honeymoon the monster gradually came up with his real behaviour. Every little mistake or misunderstand her husband will beat her mercilessly as if there was no tomorrow. In some cases she will be pursued out of the house.

The maltreatment was too much and her 6month pregnancy was voluntarily terminated and it nearly cost her life,if not some Godly persons that save her life.

She decided to seek for divorce in a customary court, but her bid fails owing to the fact that there was an exchange of blood convenant which need to be broken before the divorce.

So she began to seek for Spiritual solution to separate her from the husband. Invariably,if she refused to do the necessary Spiritual separation before divorce either of them will definitely die.

Unfortunately,she met some acclaimed Spiritualist who promised heaven and earth to separate her from the husband,but they were powerless considering the nature of the blood convenant.

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The woman was later connected to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple phone, +23407019357444.

She told the Spiritualist about the blood convenant she made with her estranged husband. She pleaded for separation through a spiritual means before divorce certificate can be issued. Chief Dr Faraji nuetralised the convenant with the power of the ancestors.

She thereafter went back to the court and finally issue a certificate of divorce to her husband. The monster whom she got married because of money refused to give her what belong to her. She went back to court and complained and through the instrumentality of the court she got back her personal belongings.

I am bringing this testimony to the public to remind the female folks not to pursue money in marriage. I would have been slave to the hands of my ex-husband,if not Chief Dr Faraji that broke the blood convenant.

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