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Moments After Posting ‘Every Man Is A Husband Material’, Lady Calls Out Her Husband For Proposing To Side Chick



A Nigerian lady has burst out with emotions as she exposes her cheating husband, a few hours after praising men on social media.

The woman known as Mercy Tom argued in favor of men saying that all men can become wonderful husbands if they have a decent wife who molds them into one.

In her words:

“Every man is a husband material if only the wife is a good tailor”

A while later, she used criticized her husband for making a proposal to his secret lover.

Mercy Tom claimed that although her husband had misled her into believing he was away on trip for business purposes, a friend to his mistress had emailed her images of their engagement.

She stated that she has failed to get in touch with her husband since getting the photos and inquiries to her husband’s family member went unanswered, hence she had to resort to social media.

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