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Mercy Eke Replies A Troll Who Mocked Her For “Putting English In Trouble”



BBNaija reality show star Mercy Eke has replied to a troll who mocked her for putting English in trouble after claiming her man adores and Dior’s her..

Mercy Eke has been speaking good about her mysterious man and she recently claimed that he came to beg her with wades of cash after a little fight, and today she’s claiming he adores her and spoils her so much with luxury things.

A troll who seems not to understand what Mercy Eke meant by her man adores and Dior’s her a lot mocked her for putting English in trouble and she replied to that by calling the troll mugu for not understanding that Dior is a luxury brand.

According to Mercy Eke, it’s not for the troll to know because he/she has no idea what Dior is and doesn’t have to know because he/she doesn’t do luxury. But then we can’t blame the troll because of how Mercy Eke put her sentence as it appears Dior was a verb.

screenshot below;

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