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Man Shares How He Caught His Mother Sleeping In The Same Room With Her Boyfriend At Midnight



Benjamin Gyaase, a middle aged man from Ashaiman in an exclusive interview narrates how he caught his mother sleeping in the same room with her boyfriend at midnight.

According to the man, he was staying with his parents at Sehwi and they made a large cocoa farm. Years later he went to stay with another person at their neighbouring town due to the financial crisis his parents were facing.

After he completed school, he didn’t receive any help from his family members to further his education. Benjamin said he travelled to Accra and started working as an Okada rider.

He worked hard and bought one of the motorcycle with his earnings and gave it to his brother to work with it. The man added that he continued to support his parents and other siblings and also completed the house his parents built.

Months ago, he received information from his siblings that their parents has got separated after they fought over their trivial issue they are having in their marriage. Benjamin claims his mother got into a relationship with another man but that boyfriend threatened to beat his father.

Due to this issue, he travelled to his hometown to settle the problem his parents are facing. When he got home at midnight, he caught his mother sleeping the same room with her boyfriend at that time.

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He became furious and fought with the boyfriend. The next morning his mother came to invoke a curse on him that he will die if he sleeps with any woman in his whole life. Their family members had a meeting concerning this issue and he was asked to compensate his mother and her boyfriend with a fowl which he did.

Still his mother insisted that she will never revoked the curse because of what he did to her boyfriend. Benjamin said he is afraid to die, so he is pleading with his mother to revoke the curse for him so that he can continue being with his girlfriend.

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