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Man Seeks Advice For His Friend Who Dated His wife For Four Years Before They Got Married



A man has taken to Twitter to solicit advice for his friend whose wife started misbehaving after relocating to the UK with him.

According to the man identified as @iMotivateAfrica on Twitter, his friend dated his wife for four years before they got married in July 2021, and then relocated abroad a month after.

He said the plan was for his friend to focus on his studies in the UK, while his wife work and provide for their family.

However, things escalated in the first quarter of 2022 when the wife started acting strangely, keeping late nights and reneged on her financial responsibility.

The man said his friend is currently at a crossroad because he does not have money to complete his school fee payment.

Read the full tweet below,

“So last year July, my friend tied the knot with the love of his life of 4 years. It looked like a promising union but we were wondering why man rushed because he was barely 26 and she was 23 years old. As a matter of fact, he just got a job of 90k VAT inclusive.

A month after their union, he called me that he was in the UK already with his newly wedded wife. I was so happy for him and I wished him good success even as he was far away from home. Apparently, he is the scholar and his wife is the dependent. I.e, He goes to school and has only 20 hours to work per week while his wife was working full time and was making more money than he was.

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The problem started in the first quarter of this year as she stopped dropping money for weekly as planned since she is automatically the breadwinner.

My friend said “She started from picking suspected calls, staying late out after work and refusing to drop money to sort the weekly bills which is supposed to be the plan.” Note: The whole japa tingy was an all expense paid relocation by the guy (my friend).

The problem has now escalated because my friend needs to pay the remaining school fees as it was half he paid before they both moved to the UK. Initial Plan: I go to school while you work and when I’m done with school, you will go to school while i work too.

Question is, what do women really want? Also, what advice do you have for my friend because as it now, he does not even have money to pay for school fees. Lastly, is the lady seeing another person? (She fit don see person wey get P.R). My friend will be reading y’all tweets.”

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