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Man Gives Out Girlfriend’s Belongings To Charity After He Caught Her Cheating



After catching his girlfriend cheating, a man gathered her belongings in the house and gave them out to charity.

A tweep with the handle @_camhoudini who identified himself as the man’s neighbour shared the development on Twitter and said the pained boyfriend waited for his cheating bae to go on a trip with her friends.

While she was away, he donated her belongings. The tweep who narrated the story said he was to be paid $200 (N81,700) by the man for assisting in moving the belongings.

He further revealed that the man intends to move to another apartment by Friday. He said the man’s estranged girlfriend will return next week to meet none of her belongings. His viral tweet reads:

“My neighbor caught his girlfriend cheating never said anything ..waited until she went on her trip with her friends and gave ALL her shi to Goodwill he’s breaking his lease Monday and moving into his new apartment Friday and she comes back Next Tuesday and she don’t know shi.”

Netizens react

@RegineSarai said: “Best thing he could have done. I feel like he could have done worse and reacted in a mature response that sends a great message. I’m really shocked at some of the women acting like they wouldn’t cheer this on if this was a woman.”

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@lexx_lugorrr said: “Y’all know females find out information for sport…. right? Baby girl gon find him quick & it’s gonna be war. Unless he went outta state.. & even then.. I just know I’d be able to find someone.”

@PixeliaPlz said: “Selling someone else’s belongings without their consent isn’t only petty but it’s ILLEGAL. And even morally speaking, doing something like this tells a lot about this man and the way he probably treated her when they were together. Not a shocker she cheated.”

@kevihaynes said: “That is sad. Best to end relationship, than make drama. The moral of this story is monogamy is a flawed expectation, that is doomed to fail, and threesomes are better for a healthy relationship, with no cheating. Be honest about what you want. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

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