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Little Girl Weeps Bitterly As She Lands In An Orphanage Home (Video below)



A little girl wept bitterly after finding out that her new residence is an orphanage home.

In a viral video, the little girl lamented bitterly as eyewitnesses tried to console her and wipe the tears off her eyes.

Godsgrace_Orphanage shared the video via Instagram while appealing to members of the public for donations.

However, they also revealed that the little girl is currently adjusting to being at the orphanage with fellow kids, and no longer cries hard as she did when she just arrived.

Watch the video below:

Netizens get emotional over sad video

Ms__zarif said: “God, I’m going to die, what made you cry?”

Sherryl.moser wrote: “Omg can she come live in my home? I will forever love her.”

Debra.durbin.94 commented: “She is absolutely beautiful, and that smile makes her a little princess. Sweet baby.”

mp.8542’s added: “Lord have mercy on the children she probably have been alone so long taking care of herself and been crying so long until there is no tears left o my father please dont leave your children alone i pray to thee.”

Janine 23 said: “And in this country 1 person is almost a trillionaire.o My God please help your people sooo sad.”

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