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“Lady forgives her husband but disowns her sister after she caught both of them having coitus” – Was it the right decision?



A Nigerian lady has narrated how a woman pardoned her husband for sleeping with her younger sister, but disowned her sister for the same offence.

Taking to Twitter to share the story after the said woman sought her counsel, @Ada_nnempi said the woman caught her husband and her sister having a sex romp.

Out of anger, she cut off her sister and stopped paying her school fee but forgave her husband and is still living with him till date.

Ada, while giving her opinion on the matter, said the husband is to be blamed for sleeping with her sister because he could have easily manipulated her to sleep with him.

She also advised the woman to reconcile with her younger sister because the husband might still cheat with other women, while her sister remains her sister.

Read the quite lengthy tweet below,

“So this woman was telling me how she caught her sister and her husband having sex and she swore never to have anything to do with her sister again in this life, I asked her if she still lives with the husband and she said yes.

I asked her what her sister does and she said Her sister (younger sis) is a student, I asked her why she easily forgave her husband but not her sister, she told me all her reason. I calmed down and told her that she should know that her sister sleeping with her husband was all her husband’s fault and not the sis, she was 😡

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I told her that she should be in her sisters shoe and understand that her husband knew the sister is a students and needs money and I’m very sure that’s what he used to manipulating her, I told her that her that she would have forgiven her sister faster than her husband, after Listening to me, she and the other lady that came to see me were so quiet, she said I was right cause she can now remember many instances her husband have bought super nice things for her sister that it must be when he was trying to woe her to be sleeping with her.

In the end I felt so bad for her and her sister, a lot of men are evil in this country. Like a whole lot of them. I told her to go home call her sister on phone and make peace with her. Tomorrow that her husband might even leave her for another woman but her sister will be there for her.

She never actually understood what I was trying to point out to her until I asked her to imagine if her husband caught her having sex with his younger brother, I asked her who she thinks will be the first to leave the house and she said it’s her, I told her she have her answer.

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One of the reason I wanted her to make peace with the sister is that she swore not to pay the younger sisters school fees again, I just don’t see a reason why her sister should be the one paying for a sin she and her husband committed. I know it hurts but life can be so unfair.”

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