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Joe Igbokwe Fights Dirty With Wife Over Infidelity And For Infecting Him With Gonorrhea



Ardent supporter of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Joe Igbokwe who serves as the current adviser to the Lagos State Government on Drainage and Waterways, was filmed having tensed argument with his wife, Chinenye Igbokwe.

The argument which snowballed into the use of their physical strength on each other, was triggered by Igbokwe’s claim that he caught his wife, Chinenye Igbokwe with her lover whom he said she sleeps with everyday and has consequently infected him.

His wife, Chinenye Igbokwe is heard countering Joe Igbokwe’s allegation against her by counter-accusing of “sleeping with too many girls”.

Joe Igbokwe advises her to leave his house, reiterating that she sleeps around and that she is “Ashawo” while his wife also declares that she does not need him

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