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“If I Bring Money Or They Give You Money, Take It Because They Are Only Paying Part Of Their Debt” – Peter Obi Advises Nigerians



Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, has cautioned Nigerians against allowing politicians to mislead them with religious or ethnic feelings during the 2023 elections.

This was said by Peter Obi during his courtesy visit to the Ooni of Ife’s palace on Tuesday.

Peter Obi urged Nigerians to choose the country’s future leader based on his or her ability, competence, and dedication to the advancement of the country.

“Don’t look at tribe or religion. It’s what we, the politicians, the elites, use to deceive you. Don’t look at our religion. Let nobody tell you it’s his entitlement. It’s nobody’s turn; it’s Nigerians’ turn. It’s the turn of the Nigerian youths. Nobody will take anything from them this time! Nobody is entitled to it. And don’t say it’s their money. It’s your money they are giving you. If I bring money, take it,” Obi said.

“It’s your entitlement. Nobody is entitled to take it from you. If they give you money, take it. They are only paying part of their debt.

“This is a movement for the youth to take back their country. I set up a movement that would go a long way to reveal how things are going wrong in the country.”

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Obi argued that it was unacceptable for the nation to be unable to feed its citizens despite having a wealth of natural resources and laborers.

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