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“I Shouted, What A Life” – Man Fails To Use TikTok Filter And Mistakenly Shows Real Face (Video below)



TikTok users are reacting in frenzy to a video posted by a man who did not use filter.

The funny video was sighted on the TikTok handle of @roydampz who said he wanted to show his real face.

In the first scene, his face looks so fair and posh, while he looked dark in the other.

The change in skin colour stunned many TikTokers but the man explained that he removed the filter.

He looks handsome without filter Some of his followers however still said he looked handsome with or without the TikTok filter.

But he warned those crushing on him to take a look at what he truly looks like.

Watch the video below:

TikTokers bare their minds in comment section

@Classic_coutour_gh said: “This is the filter most of your TikTok celebrities use and you will be asking them what cream they use.”

@joychidera199 commented: “Though still look cute.”

@Laudina7676 said: “Who else shouted eiii.”

@adomklans said: “2 different people.”

@Queen-Feli commented: “I shouted what a life.” @Bella said: “But you’re handsome tho.”

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