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“He Is Not Joking Around” – Peter Obi Unveils His Economic Master Plan (Details below)



Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has unveiled seven economic master plans. According to Obi, his administration will concentrate, if he emerges the winner of the 2023 election.

The Nation Newspaper reports that the LP candidate, made this known at the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

He said he will engage in aggressive private sector driven economy and block leakages in government.

Below are his economic agenda

1. Deal with insecurity issue as fast as possible by overhauling the total security architecture and encourage creation of state and local policing.

2. No government assets will remain idle – all will be put into productive use in partnership with the private sector.

3. Encourage massive production centre growth for food security

4. Ensure effective legal and institutional reforms and expand physical infrastructure

5. Aggressive development of human capital

6. Provide foreign policy to restore Nigeria’s relevance, stimulate industrial revolution, grow foreign reserves and security to lives and property.

He said the issue of oil subsidy was an organised crime, which his government won’t encourage. He added” “Most of challenges are institutional weaknesses and lack of political will to do the needful.We will streamline governance ensure that it is responsive that provides needed services to the populace.

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To move Nigeria forward requires a concerted efforts that seeks adherence to the rule of law. Experience shows that inclusiveness is an essential element in decision-making process. I will be fully responsible for actions and decisions taken by my government.”

2023 presidential election: Why Peter Obi’s aspiration may fail As the 2023 election draws closer, there are permutations that the election would be decided by several factors, and those factors, according to those in politics, are in the hands of the electorates.

But the key factor would be the acceptability of the candidate that will take the mantle after Buhari exits Aso Rock. Four major contenders are currently in the race for the presidential villa. Though there are other candidates, one of the four including Atiku Abubakar, Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi and Musa Kwankwaso will likely emerge as the nation’s president.

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