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FLASHBACK: The Day Oge Obi attempted taking her life after Kiki Mordi “stole” her BBC s£x for grade documentary with s£x for role



Following the recent exposé by Investigate journalist David Hundeyin which revealed how Oge Obi was denied credit for her job and also how Kiki Mordi used sex for role to take credit for a sex for grade documentary READ HERE. will be taking you back to 2020 where it all started.

In December 2020, Ogechi Obi, the lady who said that she did most of the work for the BBC Sex For Grade documentary while Kiki Mordi is taking all the credit, reportedly attempted suicide.

The attempted suicide came few days after a renowned journalist, Ruona J. Meyer called out Kiki Mordi, the face behind the explosive documentary for allegedly taking sole credit for the creative work and sidelining Obi, who worked on the project under a pseudonym – Kemi Alabi.

Oge took to Twitter after Kiki Mordi was recognised yet again for the Sex For Grade Documentary. She claimed she came up with the idea and pitched it to BBC and Kiki was then brought in to do the reporting.

She added that Kiki has been receiving all the accolades while she has not been recognised.

However, old tweets show that Kiki Mordi acknowledged Oge’s input and that of others involved in the success of the documentary.

Old tweets also show that BBC acknowledged Kemi Alabi, that is Oge’s real name. Oge Obi is reportedly the name she uses to go undercover.

This development led to a debate as some took Kiki’s side while some took Oge’s side.

In a follow-up post, Oge insinuated Kiki Mordi was made the face of the documentary because she used “sex as a bargaining chip”.

She also made a statement about “offering your body to get a favour” while reacting to Kiki’s role in the Sex For Grade documentary.

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In another tweet, Oge wrote: “I see nothing wrong with using sex as a bargaining chip, if you’re into that kind of thing. Just don’t lie and act like you got whatever the opportunity is on merit. It’s deceitful to people who wonder why their own hard work hasn’t yielded fruits.”

She left other tweets, shading Kiki Mordi and her supporters.

She claimed Kiki “played no extraordinary role to the whole thing”.

She added: “God only knows what you did to make him give you such opportunity because I wouldn’t put a sexual…”

She went further to threaten Kiki if she ever sends her links to any awards she wins going forward.

She later took to Twitter to post a video hinting at committing suicide.

She was crying in the video and wrote in the caption: “Started reading newspapers as a pretend news anchor when I was just a little girl. All I wanted to do with my life was to be the next Christiane Amanpour or Anas Aremeyaw.

“Forgive me some day but it’s better this way.”

In another tweet, she asked how best to take her life.

“Cyanide or Ricin?” She asked.

A Twitter user later revealed that she consumed a poisonous substance and started foaming in the mouth. She is reportedly recovering in the hospital later

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