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#BBNaijaS7: Allysyn finally decides on being Hermes’ 3rd girlfriend



Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Osy Allysyn Audu widely known as Allysyn has opened up on what would become of her relationship with Hermes..

The Sales, Marketing Executive and Nigerian internet personality cum reality star said that she won’t be continuing her romantic relationship with Hermes, a fellow housemate, outside the house because she wants to focus on herself.

Allysyn in an interview with Saturday Beats, said, “Knowing Hermes had two girlfriends, I respected his dynamic (circumstance) while in the house. However, upon coming out of the house now, I know that I don’t want to be a part of that dynamic (situation) but I have a genuine connection with him. I want to focus on myself.

“Hermes has a beautiful, intense and dramatic personality. I always go for people that are very different. He even physically stands out with his tattoos and piercings. We are both creative people. He is very talented and I know we are going to be great friends for a very long time.”

Speaking about her relationship with Adekunle, Doyin and Daniella, she said, “All I had with Adekunle was just friendship, and I later got into a romantic relationship with Hermes. Adekunle did not really express any reservations about me spending more time with Hermes than him. He only jokingly complained once and I apologised to him.

“Daniella and me were roommates before we went into the house. So, our bonding was easy and smooth. Doyin and me are very different but we were able to connect fast from the first day.”

On the reason she keeps her hair bald, the model said, “It was during the (COVID-19) lockdown in 2020 when I was bored, I just went out to get it (cut my hair). I loved it when I looked at myself in the mirror. That made me realise that I had made the right decision. I don’t think my hair made me stand out during the show. I think my personality did.”

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On what areas she intends to explore going forward, Allysyn said, “Before I went into the house, I used to work with a car company as a sales and marketing executive. During the weekend, I did modelling, and I had a YouTube channel as well. I am open to modelling, and I want to rebrand my lip gloss business. Also, I am open to other opportunities, and I’m ready to become the best version of myself.”

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