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A Very Wealthy Man Finally Revealed The Identity Of The Spiritual Master Behind His Success



A 55 years old man from Anambra state who has been hiding himself under the cover of a Spiritualist revealed how he got his wealth and money.

The man who was under the attack of his family enemies narrated the horrible story of his life. According to him the attack of enemies made him to ran away from his community.He ran from one place to another seeking for protection, but no avail. He went to Ghana looking for same protection over the attack of enemies for three years, but the situation got worse. He met a woman who is a Spiritualist directed him to go back to Nigeria that his problem can be solved by a man in Imo state.

The woman said when she had a problem of breast cancer it was that Spiritualist who save her from untimely death.

She gave the address of the Spiritualist as Dr Edward Solution temple, phone ( Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero two three two two nine). When he traced the address of the Spiritualist at the above place. Surprisingly, before he opened his mouth to talk ,the Spiritualist said he will stay with him for a number of years under his cover due to the degree of attacks facing him from all angles.

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This was how he stayed with him for about 10 years and all the enemies who refused to let him go died one after the other. On the 9th year the Spiritualist told him that he is free from every form of attack that those behind the Spiritual attack have all confessed and died.

The Spiritualist said before he will go back home. He will make him to become wealthy and financially bouyant .He asked him to look for a live tortoise which he eventually bought for the Spiritual assignment.

After a year he was released home and within a short period of time he started making money. When he became wealthy and financially stable. People within his community came to congratulates him and started to tell him how his mother and some members of the family confessed how they perfected their evil plan to kill him , but their plan back fire to strike them.

They died after confession of their evil plans because their plan failed to materialised to their expectations.

In case you are facing Spiritual attack from enemies that are not known to you. You may contact Dr Edward Solution temple for Spiritual remedy because a drastical problem required a drastical solution.

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