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A man reveals the sacred items he used for protection against his enemies



I am a 45 year old man from Ondo state, but i lives in Ghana. I left Nigeria to Ghana because of the oppression and attack of my enemies. I thought leaving Nigeria to Ghana will save me from further attack owing to the long distance, but it was a different ball game. Distance was never a barrier to my enemies.

They became more intensive and aggressive in their attack. I ran to an herbalist in Ghana for safety . The herbalist said my family enemies followed me to down to Ghana. He demanded for a live cat to do sacrifice and i bought the cat for the sacrifice, but the Spiritual attack of my enemies became increasingly tough in Ghana.

I was worried and confused because l left Nigeria to Ghana in order to escape incessant attack from the enemies, despite keeping a distance from them, they don’t give me a breathing space.

I finally resolved to come back home after 5 years of living in Ghana. This is because the attack of enemies has caused so much harms in my life. I now resolve that, it is better to die at home than to die in a foreign land because of enemies.

As I return home my friend told me there is a Spiritualist who can separate me from the attack of the enemies. I told him I don’t want to go to any Spiritualist place because most of them are fake . My friend keep pressing and i decided to go and see the man out unwillingness.

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He actually took me to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone,+234808 802 3229 to disconnect me from the enemies. Immediately, i stepped to the Spiritualist temple. The man said to me that i have been trying to escape my enemies attacks through many herbalist, but no way.

The more steps i took the more powerful the enemies devices their new strategies. He asked me to buy one coconut and egg one each which i did. Later in the day , the Spiritualist called me to a very high hill where the coconut and egg were broken simultaneously.

The instructions was that after Breaking the items .I should run down from the hill instantly to avoid further intensive and fierce attack.

So immediately the coconut and egg were broken i ran down from the hill and that was how the evil mirror monitoring my life was scattered. Since after my encounter with Dr Edward all my businesses, children, wife and my health is under the save custody.

In case you are running away from home just because of enemies.why can’t you contact Dr Edward Solution temple to dislodge your enemies instead of running away. In my case, distance wasn’t a barrier until i came back to see the Spiritualist named above.

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I can categorically say . I am free from satanic oppression and manipulation since after my encounter with Dr Edward. He has been proven to be a genuine Spiritualist.

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