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Woman Who Once Had 10 Cars Narrate How She Loses Everything And What Happened



A young Mzansi woman by the name of Mokgadi Rameetse went viral on social media after sharing her eye-opening and relatable story.

With many people coming from homes where their parents did not have the opportunity to run businesses and money is a new thing, they were not taught lessons that could have saved losses.

Mokgadi had 10 lush cars and a thriving empire until it all came crashing down. She bought her first car at the age of 28 and did not stop. She startled a shuttle service that took off, allowing her to get the credit she did not know how to handle.

With a high of success and bad influence, Mokgadi made some detrimental decisions. Raking up credit through purchasing cars and other things, she was left with repayments she just could not make. Mokgadi told W24 that she bought a bakkie, a Mercedez, a Golf 7 GTI and the list goes on.

Sis has learnt her lesson and is now doing the most to rebuild herself and clear her debt. “I understand that I have failed, but that is part of my journey; I have learnt my lesson right now. I know what I need to avoid in the future. “I’ve learnt many lessons.

I now know that if you have debts, you must prioritise them first and save up for unforeseen events. Investing in assets is so important.”

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People felt sorry for her Mokgadi’s story hit many hard as they know this pain all too well. Falling victim to the so-called ‘freedom’ of credit has landed many in holes they are unable to escape from. People wish her well and pray she is able to rise from this.

Take a look at some of the heartfelt comments:

@Princess Yanda Mtya said: “The fact that you were able to do it, I believe you’ll do it again and 10 times better. You’ll rise again.”

@Princess said: “I lost 3 vehicles… I started a courier business then came covid19 all went to the drain… I don’t even have the strength to start over again.”

@Given Mapula said: “If after this we were never admitted into a mental institution then We will NEVER. we beat depression and its families we conquered…”

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