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Wife who lost all her 4 kids asks hubby Of 75yrs Old to marry younger lady for babies



When the 75-year-old Njaro Wairatu married Nancy Waithera about 50 years ago, they hoped to have five children, three boys and two girls, and live happily thereafter. Njaro Wairatu and his wife Nancy Waithera who lost all their four children.

However, God had other plans. The elderly couple, still to their satisfaction, was blessed with four sons. The 69-year-old Waithera noted that there are other people in the society who have unsuccessfully prayed to have children and so they counted themselves lucky.

“We did not complain, it was a good deal since we lived, and still do, in a society where many have wished and prayed in vain for children. We were not barren,” said Waithera as quoted by Nation. Kids started dying With Waithera having no stable source of income, Wairatu said he singlehandedly toiled, as a casual labourer to feed the family and educate their children.

The man had high hopes in his children as they all exhibited signs of succeeding in life. However, the couple’s life turn a tragic turn in 2004 following the death of their second born Peterson Njaro. Two months after Peterson’s death, his third-born brother Francis Thuo died, K24TV reports. To worsen the matter, in 2007, the couple lost their firstborn son George Wanjaro, who was then a popular benga musician famed for songs like “Date ya Mbere” among others.

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At the time of his death, George was a Mathematics teacher at Gaichanjiru High School located in Murang’a county and was very supportive of his parents. “This son became a very critical pillar of our life because he was too caring, respectful, enterprising … and exhibited all the signs of a man with a bright future.

Silently, I knew that my toiling to educate him was not in vain,” said Wairatu. Wairatu sunk into alcoholism Losing three children in a span of three years took a toll on Wairatu and he sunk deep into alcoholism. He said he at one point questioned God why it had to be him. The couple now had all hope in their remaining son, Edward Irungu, and yearned that he would get married and give them grandchildren to cheer them up during their later years. However, in 2021, the couple received the devastating news that Irungu had gone missing.

The man’s lifeless body would then be found in Masinga dam in Embu county. Police said he might have taken his own life but his father insisted he was killed by his fellow businessmen in a deal gone South. Mary younger wife Speaking to the publication, Wairatu mourned that they had lost all their children linking the occurrence to witchcraft. “I have simply resigned.

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It is like witchcraft where we have buried our children instead of our children burying us,” he painfully said. On the other hand, Waithera suggested that her husband marries another young lady who will give them children to console them having lost all their four. “My husband is still active, you know, I am withered now and with no ability to sire children. If only he would get for himself a wife who will give us grandchildren to wipe away our tears. I absolutely won’t mind,” said Waithera.

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