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“Who is Wike in Nigeria?” – Sule Lamido



Excerpts from Terry Ikumi’s interview with ex-Foreign Affairs Minister and former Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido on #PoliticsToday.

Lamido: Now listen, get this very well, those who met are simply well-wishers. They are not known from the Party, but well-wishers of both Atiku & Wike.

Now, the Convention produced a Candidate who won the Primaries. If there is any offence, it is the Convention who offended Wike and not Atiku, not Party Chairman, not anybody.

Now, if he attacks the Convention which produced him as Governor on two occasions, and produced his Candidate for Governorship and other positions in Rivers State, that means there is a problem.

So, nobody has offended anybody.

Those who are meeting with Wike are well-wishers of Atiku who wants peace in the PDP. They are not for PDP but for Atiku, as a person and not as a Candidate. Wike is a PDP man and he says he wants to reconcile, reconcile with who? Who offended who?

Ikumi: Are you confident that Gov Wike will not leave the Party or work against the Candidate of the Party?

Lamido: Wike is an individual, I don’t think because he is a Governor there, he has total monopoly of the whole Rivers State.

He was too bombastic, ” I will not allow this, I will not allow this”, which one will he allow?

Please, leave Wike alone.. He has the right to do whatever he wants. He is the Emperor in Rivers and is only speaking because he is a bluff.

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