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“This House Na Vibe” – Funny Video Of Brothers Dancing After Cooking Sweet Food Without The Help Of Their Sister



A beautiful lady got surprised after seeing her brothers dance excitedly in the kitchen. The men looked happy as they claimed that their cooked food tasted nice.

One of the men dipped a spoon into the pot of food and passed it on to his brother, who confirmed that the food was great.

They all burst into dance moves at that instant as their sister stood at one corner, watching them in awe.

The sweet video shared on TikTok by @de_ouse has stirred reactions from viewers.

@_fav_18 said: “Na my brothers be this. Anytime Dey turn tomatoes and oil in the kitchen.”

@jane_stephanie1 noted: “Abeg this house too sweet I wan come stay there, una Dey cure bp.”

@mandymay031 noted: “You just gained a follower. House of cruise. Depression no fit dey this house ever.”

@modupeoluwa071 remarked: “Omo staying with guys is the best. you go laugh tire.”

@ruthiercee stated: “Omo imagine me having one of this guy as my man! Ahhhh vibe upon vibe, much love abeg.”

@rikkiliam_ said: “Their girlfriend be like: He’s prolly out there cheating on me and here they are.”

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