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SHOCKING: For Those Who Like Given Beggars Money, Check Out What A Beggar Is Caught Doing With The Monies He Begged For (Video below)



A beggar reportedly tied people’s destinies by tying up the money given to him by good samaritans.

In a video shared by Instagram account saintavenue_ent1, the man is seen surrounded by town folks as they instructed him to untie the destinies of people by untying the monies he tied.

He is seen untying the monies to free the destinies of people he had tied their destinies.

This incident happened in Nigeria.

Saintavenue_ent1 shared the video with the caption:

“Haaaaaa words in the streets is that he tied people’s destiny by tying up the money given to him.

shey una no want make we de give beggars money again?”

Watch the video below:

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