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Ronaldo Is Given A GreenLight By Perez To Join Real Madrid But On A Condition



The Portuguese and Manchester United frontman Cristiano Ronaldo was released, 18 months after leaving Real Madrid to join Juventus following Florentino Perez’s refusal to increase his salary. That made him leaved Real Madrid football club.

According to the newspaper Florentino Perez has given a greenlight to the Portuguese star if only he wants to join the club but conditions must be accepted.

Florentino Perez said,

“Cristiano left when we needed him the most. Barcelona was the reason because they made Messi the best payed player in the world. It’s no secret that Cristiano always wants to be a step ahead of Messi in all aspects, but I was not ready to collapse the Club budget just to make him happy.

If he wants to return, we will welcome him back, but there are terms and conditions, He can’t get payed more than the young players, he is an old man who is at retirement age”

Despite Ronaldo been the highest payed player during his time at the Madrid Fc, he wanted to be ahead of his rival Messi in terms of everything which ends him at Juventus formal team and currently Manchester United

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